Salon Testimonials

What our business clients say about our products and support systems.

Romina from Silhouette Makeover


Nikky from NZTC, Auckland


Tracey @ Go Green Expo 2017

Reshma from Revive Beauty & Hair


Nasha - Go Green Expo 2017 

Daxa @ Go Green 2017 expo

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One of my Client had an acne problem and got some acne marks. I recommended her Caithy’s   Ultra Skin Lightener. Because this is chemical free and not oily as well. She used that for a month. Her next visit I notice her acne marks 50% lighter than before. I would highly recommend Cathy Organics products. 100% natural, faster result and affordable price.


Enriched Beauty, Auckland City


Just wanted to say thank you for introducing us to such a fantastic product. Caithy Organic is fast becoming a number one product for our clients. The Bright cleaning lotion is super, and so are the antioxidant-rich creams and the Marula range. We are extremely pleased with the products and also with the amount of support and training we have received.


Iniya, Glen Eden


Femina Beauty ( had the good opportunity of associating with Caithy Organics NZ Limited for more than a year. I am pleased to share my positive feedback especially about the below products:

Ultra Skin Lightener, Organic Rosehip Oil & Natural Shampoo.

I am also pleased to share that I have received very positive feedback about these products from the Femina Beauty clientele who are regular users of these products.


Elizabeth, Mount Eden


I highly recommend Toni from Caithy Organics NZ Ltd. She is a qualified professional who is very Knowledgeable of all her products and pricing. Toni is a very patient & helpful person in providing all the necessary training & customer support required to me as a distributor of this beautiful Natural & Organic skincare range.

Thank You, Toni, for always providing efficient and professional service to Bodyinsync Massage & Beauty at all times.


Body In Sync, Takapuna North Shore


I had been using various branded products for many years during my 25-year career until I stumbled upon Caithy Organics which I believe is the only skincare to be 100% efficient. Nowadays people are taking upon veganism and using Caithy Organics provides the most usefulness towards the vegan society. Caithy Organic products consist of pure and natural ingredients which are beneficial for all problematic skin types. During the one and half years of using these products, I have seen unbelievable results in blemishes, acne, wrinkles, and dull & dry skin problems. These are the perfect home care products that are helpful for all seasons and are products that are easy enough to be used by anyone for themselves. I have gotten positive feedback from my clients, which is amazing.

Thank you Caithy Organics,

Daxas Beauty, Balmoral Auckland


One of my client for the last couple of months had blemishes on her face and has very sensitive skin. As a beauty therapist from the last 21 years, I didn't want to use products which have any chemical ingredients in it. After exploring a bit, I found Caithy's Rosehip Oil and recommended it to my client to use for a month. When she came to me on her next visit I was amazed to see the results, the blemishes were vanishing rapidly. Now she has much control over her skin & confident about beautiful skin. I feel Caithy's Rosehip Oil is of good quality due to which results can be seen faster. I truly trust Caithy Organics for their effective Natural & Organic Products & recommend highly.

 Zeba Kesury, Beauty Therapist ITEC, CIDESCO