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Romina from Silhouette Makeover  

Nikky from NZTC, Auckland


Tracey @ Go Green Expo 2017

Reshma from Revive Beauty & Hair


Nasha - Go Green Expo 2017 

Daxa @ Go Green 2017 expo

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I love Caithy Organics, made in NZ 100% natural skincare range. I have been using these products for the last 5 yrs without hesitation. I highly recommend these products to my clients, and all of my clients love them. So far, my and my client's  favourite product is "Ultra skin lightener."

 I want to give a special thanks to Toni. She is a fantastic person with her outstanding customer service. She doesn't miss a chance to help anyone, and besides business, she always looks after you and is concerned about you. She is lovely and very kind :)

Stay blessed and keep growing.

 Reshma @ Revive Hair & Beauty



I am a proud stockist of Caithy Organics. I love the way they work; I love their purity. I chose Caithy Organics because these products are gentle enough to use on the most sensitive skin. I started using the Caithy range last year, and I fell in love with the results, So I decided to be a part of their family, and now I can introduce their unique products with confidence according to the skin needs.

Mona @ Beauty4her 


I have been using Caithy Organic products for the last seven years. These are excellent products at a very affordable price. I can say it's fantastic to ride with Caithy products, and excellent service from Toni is like the cherry on the cake. Whenever I call her for help, Toni is always ready to help with her beautiful smile; I highly recommend working with this company.

Priti Panchal @ Soul Rise Healing Studio


The Authority brand that I use in my salon is Caithy Organics. I chose Caithy Organics because it delivers the best result, which is suitable for all skin types. I believe in feeding the skin with the quality antioxidants, nutrients and nourishing that nature offers so that my clients feel confident about themselves and how they look and feel.

Warsha Narayan @ Temptation Beauty Corner


I am delighted with all the products that I have tried myself, and all of my customers also gave positive reviews about this brand. If you are trying for the first time and very picky with what products you buy for your beauty salon or skincare routine, give it a go-to Caithy, and these products definitely won't disappoint you. A quality range of products and the bonus is they are very affordable too.

Neelam @ Royal Hair & Beauty


We opened our beautiful clinic in 2016. We tried several products but didn't find the natural, organic one and gives the best results. A few weeks after opening, Toni from Caithy Organics came to see us. She was the only one who knew what exactly we were looking for and then explained about Caithy Organics skincare. The way she explained was exciting and made us comfortable in the starting process. The products ticked all the boxes for us. It's natural, organic, and overall has excellent results. Over time it became apparent that Caithy Organic products were superior and soon became our product of choice. We also love this brand because it's  New Zealand made, and personally, my favourites are Bright Cleansing Lotion, Skin Brightening Exfoliator and Ultra Skin Lightener. Overall I Love this brand. 

Hina @ Hina Beauty Care


Our clients love to use Caithy Organics, as there are no nasties, only pure natural ingredients which helps the skin to achieve its gorgeous glow. They are the best products that deliver maximum benefits with minimum effort. 

Jalpa & Rakhi @ Beauty & Beyond


We have been using Caithy Organic products for more than five years because these are natural and organic, which suits all skin types. Like a sponge, our skin absorbs chemicals. That's why we believe in feeding the skin with natural and organic products. Caithy Organics is

Better for your skin. Better for your health. Better for the environment. 

 Swito & Sejal @ Sisters Beauty


Most of my clients are always looking for anti-aging products like organic, N.Z. plant-based and natural. I met Toni from Caithy Organics over the phone four years ago. She provides me with all the knowledge and information regarding products.  I tried the products on myself first, when I saw the best results, I decided to introduce the range to my clients. So I started with facial treatments.

 Caithy Organic products are natural and organic that never disappoint my clients. I have so many regular clients who are coming for facial treatments and also buy products from me. My clients and I have got the best results with many different skin conditions so far. I would love to keep buying more products from Caithy Organics. Thanks to the Caithy Organics team, especially Toni, I definitely will catch up in future. 

Palak @ Pearls Beauty Parlour


I have used many different products over the many years but have fallen in love with Caithy Organic products. It is all-natural and suits different skin types of my customers. Not only leaving them with beautiful skin, but they are also very affordable too.

Priti @ MIT2Beauty


I have been using Caithy Organic products for the past few years in New Zealand; I like them because they are made of high-quality organic ingredients and give effective results and suit all skin conditions. I am using the products in my facial treatments because of the high demand from my clientele."

 CHAGALL won't promise miracles to clients, but Caithy Organics can do wonders and promise healthier skin.

Lashanthi @ Chagall Hair & Beauty


I have known the Caithy Organics for the last four years. This company has excellent 5-star organic products in the market at the moment, & I have been recommending and selling all their products since then. From the price point value, all the products are outstanding. Toni is amazingly professional, has excellent customer service knowledge, and is always one step ahead of any need. I highly recommend these products to everybody. If you are a salon owner or a beauty therapist, you should try Caithy Organic products.

Mamta @ Amazing Beauty


We love working with Caithy Organics for several reasons. Caithy Organics offer products that are organic and natural. This brand ensures the sustainability of products with no toxic and dangerous chemicals. We work with all skin ages and types, which means we cannot afford to make mistakes in using the wrong product for the skin. Caithy Organics products are safe for all types of skin. Caithy Organics takes the hassle out of finding specific products to focus more on providing a fantastic service to our clients. Caithy Organics company values intertwine with ours, and we fully support them for this.

Mina Mirza @ Masterpiece Beauty


I have been using Caithy products for the last few years as I have susceptible skin, so I have to be very careful while choosing the right products. There are many products in the range, out of which my favourites are Bright Cleansing Lotion, Instant Hydrating Mist Toner and Marula Rich Moisturiser. These products make my skin look and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It also gives a soft, healthy-looking glow to my face. I am also having good feedback from my clients too. They do feel it's the best organic and natural products they have ever tried. Thanks to Team Caithy and especially Toni for all the support.

Hetal Patel @ Glamour Hair & Beauty


Enrich Beauty has been using Caithy Organic Products for a long time. Our clients love Caithy products because they are natural, easy to use and address all beauty needs. The support and professionalism we have received from team Caithy have helped us build a relationship of trust and loyalty.

Priya @ Enrich Beauty


I first met team Caithy at the Beauty Expo in Auckland a few years ago; from that time, my business relationship with the team (especially Toni) has just gone from strength to strength. Toni is a beautiful person who has supported my business over these years. I adore the product range of Caithy Organics and look forward to adding the content to my new webpage soon. Thank you, Team Caithy; you are amazing.

Fran @ Evolve U Yoga & Beauty


One of the fantastic brands, Caithy Organics, is the all-time favourite brand of mine and my customers. They have a great range of products suitable for all skin types & are organic and natural with everyone's needs.

Sharan Singh @ S.K Venus Beauty & Laser Clinic


I have been using Caithy Organic in my clinic for the last three years now. These products are very effective, with reasonable pricing. Facials products like Natural Sunblock, Skin Brightening Exfoliator, Ultra Skin Lightener,  Natural Shampoo and many other products are always in demand. I am so glad to find Caithy Organic because it's natural, organic, efficient and gives desired results. I am also thankful to Toni; she provides me training on the product too.

Mital Patel @ Kaya Beauty


Our qualified team at Daxa's cares for its clients by keeping them up to date with the latest trends and seeking out the best products. We have been very proudly associated & certified with Caithy Organics since 2014. This natural skincare brand is redefining beauty industry standards, which is good for beauty needs and good for our planet as it is non-animal tested, non-toxic, environment-friendly, and New Zealand made.

These are effective products because of their organic composition and ingredients. Caithy not only offers products for the face but also for the body, feet and hair. We highly recommend Caithy products.

Daxa @ Daxa Hair & Beauty


Classic Beauty loves to work with Caithy organic products because we specialise in skin care, and this brand has a range of all products needed for good healthy skin. We do many facials, and Caithy products have the perfect ingredients and nutrients that just tied everything together. We highly recommend this brand because it's organic, natural, safe for all skin types, and good for the environment.

Elizabeth @ Classic Beauty


I love working with Caithy Organics because they are organic and work very well on all skin types. Our customers love these products because they are effortless to use and have excellent results. Thank you, Caithy Organics, for your amazing products and customer service. 

Bina @ Ohm Sai Beauty


I am a proud stockist of Caithy Organics. I'm using these products for myself as well. My customers and I fall in love with the result of these products. Thank you, Toni and Caithy Organic Team, for your support.

Neha Patel @ Crowning Glory Hair & Beauty


Bianca Fallon is one of Australasia's top Hair and Makeup Artists. She has worked with N.Z. top T.V. presenters, actors, models, sportspeople, musicians & politicians for over 25 years. An N.Z. Fashion Week Makeup Artist & former Head of Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe Department for Maori Television and creator of reality television show Headstart. A current recipient of Te Rau Ora Māori Leadership Scholarship Award by an impressive panel including Emeritus Professor Sir Mason Durie towards a Master's in Indigenous Knowledge developing The Kaupapa Māori Tikanga & Kawa for Māori & International Indigenous Hair & Makeup Artists. Mātauranga Māori industry frameworks academically back Bianca to provide a depth of services previously unavailable globally acknowledging the client priorities of cultural, religious, spiritual wairua and mauri reconnection.  

Buy local for local is my priority I work exclusively with Kiwi skincare and cosmetics companies employing mineral makeup as a critical pedagogy for my business. Minerals require a settling period upon application, and I am obsessed with Caithy Organics Instant Hydrating Mist spray that supports and accelerate this process. Working within kaupapa Maori if no cleansing spray is available to progress a client or environment from tapu to noa before engagement, I will reach for the Kanuka Balancing Mist Spray to support client wairua to mauri-ora reconnection. 

 Te hei mauri-ora Bianca xox   

Bianca Fallon @ Media & Make-up


Just wanted to say thank you for introducing us to such a fantastic product. Caithy Organic is fast becoming a number one product for our clients. The Bright cleaning lotion is super, and so are the antioxidant-rich creams and the Marula range. We are extremely pleased with the products and also with the amount of support and training we have received.

Iniya @ Glen Eden
Femina Beauty ( had the good opportunity of associating with Caithy Organics NZ Limited for more than a year. I am pleased to share my positive feedback especially about the below products:
Ultra Skin Lightener, Organic Rosehip Oil & Natural Shampoo.
I am also pleased to share that I have received very positive feedback about these products from the Femina Beauty clientele who are regular users of these products.
Elizabeth @ Mount Eden
I highly recommend Toni from Caithy Organics NZ Ltd. She is a qualified professional who is very Knowledgeable of all her products and pricing. Toni is a very patient & helpful person in providing all the necessary training & customer support required to me as a distributor of this beautiful Natural & Organic skincare range.
Thank You, Toni, for always providing efficient and professional service to Bodyinsync Massage & Beauty at all times.
Body In Sync @ Takapuna North Shore

I had been using various branded products for many years during my 25-year career until I stumbled upon Caithy Organics which I believe is the only skincare to be 100% efficient. Nowadays people are taking upon veganism and using Caithy Organics provides the most usefulness towards the vegan society. Caithy Organic products consist of pure and natural ingredients which are beneficial for all problematic skin types. During the one and half years of using these products, I have seen unbelievable results in blemishes, acne, wrinkles, and dull & dry skin problems. These are the perfect home care products that are helpful for all seasons and are products that are easy enough to be used by anyone for themselves. I have gotten positive feedback from my clients, which is amazing. Thank you Caithy Organics,

Daxas Beauty @ Balmoral Auckland


One of my client for the last couple of months had blemishes on her face and has very sensitive skin. As a beauty therapist from the last 21 years, I didn't want to use products which have any chemical ingredients in it. After exploring a bit, I found Caithy's Rosehip Oil and recommended it to my client to use for a month. When she came to me on her next visit I was amazed to see the results, the blemishes were vanishing rapidly. Now she has much control over her skin & confident about beautiful skin. I feel Caithy's Rosehip Oil is of good quality due to which results can be seen faster. I truly trust Caithy Organics for their effective Natural & Organic Products & recommend highly.

 Zeba Kesury @ Zeba Beauty ITEC, CIDESCO

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