Why Caithy

At Caithy, we believe nature provides all the goodness that our skin needs. Using the plant based highest grade ingredients we have researched & formulated all our products to maximize on the goodness of nature to create effective & natural skincare. Research is the integral part of the manufacturing processes at Caithy, to ensure our customer’s get the best & effective natural & organic skincare.
All the good reasons why you would choose Caithy’s Skin Care Products:
  • Highest quality and intended to feed the skin, rather than simply sit on the surface 
  • Products are intended to give you younger, firmer, rich, smooth and ageless skin 
  • Enriched with certified organic and natural ingredients 
  • Ingredients which have naturally high antioxidants 
  • High quality bioactive raw ingredients inside
  • Cold-pressed and food-grade oils are used
  • An infusion of organic, steam-distilled essential oils and extracts 
  • An effective and premium skincare range to suit every skin type 
  • Concentrated formulas so the small dab is enough for any product 
  • Adhere to labelling standards for proper information and awareness 
  • NO hidden ingredients 
  • NOT tested on animals 
  • Suitable for vegetarians 
  • Trusted Kiwi Company
We believe that what you leave out is just as important as what you put in.
Our products contain:
  • NO Parabens 
  • NO Mercury 
  • NO Lanolin 
  • NO Steroids
  • NO Hydroquinone
  • NO Kojic Acid
  • NO Botox
  • No Palm Oil
  • NO Arbutin
  • NO Mineral Oils 
  • NO Artificial Colours
  • NO Harmful Preservative 
  • NO Artifical Fragrance 
  • NO Animal Ingredients (except bee wax in foot cream & sunscreen)