Why Caithy

At Caithy, we believe nature provides all the goodness that our skin needs. Since 2010, we have been researching & formulating our products to maximize the goodness of nature to create effective & natural skincare by using the plant-based highest grade ingredients. We ensure that our customer gets the best & most effective skincare products for quick results and long term benefits.

Why people are choosing Caithy’s Skin Care Products:
Products are of the highest quality and intended to feed the skin, rather than simply sit on the surface and Each ingredient is used to make the product better so that you have a younger, firmer, rich, smooth and ageless skin.

Your Trusted Kiwi Company. Since 2010

All our products are:
Enriched with organic and natural ingredients 
Ingredients which have naturally high antioxidants 
High quality bioactive raw ingredients inside
Cold-pressed and food-grade oils are used
An infusion of steam-distilled essential oils and extracts 
Concentrated formulas so the small dab is enough for any product 
Adhere to labelling standards for proper information and awareness We believe that what you leave out is just as important as what you put in. 

Our products contain:
NO Parabens, NO Mercury, NO Lanolin, NO Steroids, NO Hydroquinone, NO Kojic Acid, NO Botox, NO Palm Oil, NO Arbutin, NO Mineral Oils, NO Artificial Colours, NO Harmful Preservative, NO Artifical Fragrance, NO Animal Ingredients (except bee wax in foot cream & sunscreen) NO hidden ingredients NOT tested on animals

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