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Marula Oil: Three reasons you should use it.
You’ve heard of jojoba oil, rosehip oil, argan oil and coconut oil - you may even have tried them - but have you heard of marula oil?  African women have used marula oil to maintain beautiful, soft skin for centuries and now Caithy Organics gives you access to this amazing oil.  Wondering what makes marula oil so special? Need a little more convincing before you take the plunge and buy a marula oil product?  Here are our top three reasons for trying this wonder oil:
1. Ideal for all skin types (yes, we do mean all).  Marula oil has a balanced pH (essential in the world where diet and environment can play havoc with our skins) so it’s not going to dry out your skin. It has antibacterial properties so is great for acne prone skin and it’s non-comedogenic so won’t clog pores (also great for those with acne).
2. Ultra moisturising. Marula oil mimics the oils naturally produced by the body so is easily and quickly absorbed. Plus, unlike some other oils, it won’t leave an oily layer on your skin.  The extremely high essential fatty acids content ensures that your skin stays hydrated for longer as a moisture barrier is created.  Acne sufferers may find that their skin is less oily when using marula oil as it’s fully moisturised and doesn’t have to produce and extra oils to compensate for skin dehydration.
3. Anti-aging. Whether 20 years old or 60, everyone wants their skin to have a youthful appearance and minimise the signs of aging.  Marula oil is high in antioxidants (Vitamin C and E) which together with its moisturising qualities helps repair sun damage, fine lines and scarring.
Ready to add marula oil to your beauty regime? To start, you may want to try Caithy Organics Marula Serum which you can use as a stand-alone product (great for after facial peels or even after at home exfoliating) or add it to an existing moisturiser for a product boost.  Although not mentioned in our top 3 list, marula oil is fabulous as a hair product. It’ll moisturise and calm dry, split ends ensuring graceful, flowing locks.  If you want to treat your mane to some marula love, try Caithy Organic Marula Enriched Hair Oil.
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